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Even with the highest quality of HR policies and practices, the application of these is open to subjectivity and bias.  Organisational change, recruitment, performance management and employment termination are all very important areas where objectivity is crucial to the right outcome for your business.

Why is objectivity important in Leadership?

The reason objectivity is important in leadership is to ensure decisions concerning employees or organisational issues are made fairly, based on informed and balanced facts.  This means decisions aren’t biased by historical practices, personal opinions, relationships or conscious or subconscious biases.

Leaders have a powerful role as they routinely make decisions about recruitment, remuneration, bonuses, performance management and organisational change.  If these decisions aren’t made transparently and without bias it can lead to diminished employee morale and productivity, resulting in employee attrition, potential legal action and the wrong decisions being made for your business.

How do you ensure objectivity in your leadership decisions?

A good option to ensure the best possible objectivity in HR practices is to engage an external HR Consultant or Contractor to undertake specific activities, for example:

  1. Organisational Restructure – Strategic HR consultants work with Boards and CEOs to align the organisational structure with strategy and develop the implementation plan of the new structure including communication, change management, position descriptions, selection and redundancies.
  2. Remuneration Review –HR specialists provide external remuneration benchmarking services and development of remuneration and incentive policies, which are often useful for Boards and CEOs for objectivity of this sensitive information and decision making.
  3. Management of complex situations- Having a neutral external person providing human resources consulting to manage sometimes complex situations can be the best solution in businesses where there isn’t a dedicated HR Manager, but Managers taking on the role.  It can also be useful when in-house HR Managers are connected to a situation and perceived as having a bias or when difficult issues arise like workplace investigations, mediation or serious misconduct issues.
  4. External review of HR Team, Strategy and Framework– This helps identify any areas for improvement in your HR function in an unbiased way, which will lead to increased effectiveness, commercial focus and legal compliance.
  5. Executive Selection– Utilising the services of an external selection specialist to run the selection process or just to provide advice will give you an objective view on the important decision of executive team selection.
  6.   Leadership Coaching – Providing yourself and your managers with coaching to help with decision making on key people issues will lead to better business outcomes

Contact Brisbane based HR consultants, Harrison Human Resources for objective, external HR Advice and Coaching. We conduct HR Audits of organisations to ensure policies and practices are as transparent and immune to objectivity or bias as possible and manage difficult HR situations.

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