Recruitment and the Job Ad: The importance of placing the right Ad

Author: Harrison HR | Blog

The job ad is often something that unfortunately many small and medium businesses fail to get right. From this initial stage in the recruitment process, the right job ad can help encourage the right candidate to apply and create a quality pool of applicants to select from. On the other hand however, a poorly crafted advertisement or one lacking detail could result in the wrong people applying or worse – having no applicants at all!

Harrison Human Resources are recruitment specialists who understand just how important this process is to get right, and how the right job advertisement can even save your business on recruitment costs down the track. Our human resources consultants in Brisbane can assist in all stages of the recruitment process, right from the initial vacancy, screening candidates to making the final offer.

Here are a few important things to do when creating job ads that will attract the ideal candidates you want in your company.

  1. The right job title. Using search engine friendly keywords and the correct industry terminology/job titles will help people find the job online and understand what the job is about at a glance.
  2. Analyse the role and duties to determine knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to do the job. These should be included briefly in the description. It is important people understand exactly what it takes to succeed in the position
  3. Create an Effective Sales Pitch for the Business – Job seekers will be looking at several job ads so drawing their attention to yours is essential.  An effective job ad will use the fundamentals of good marketing practices to draw attention, generate interest, create desire and then prompt the seeker to take action. A job ad is also an opportunity to positively represent your business and company culture to the outside community so it’s important to leverage this chance to market your business in the job ad.
  4. The important details – This could be benefits of the job,  the experience required, contact details, the salary or location of the job and also what candidates can expect from the recruitment process. Details need to be clear, honest and a representative preview of what the job will involve to avoid a future mismatch in what the candidate expected and the reality of the role.

Getting the job advertisement right can attract the right applicants to apply and give you the business owner the best chance of generating a quality pool of applicants with the potential for success in the role.

For professional assistance finding the right staff for your business and comprehensive consultancy in all areas of recruitment and selection, call the Harrison Human Resources experts on 1300 544 803 today.

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