5 Steps to High Performing Employees

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At Claire's recent presentation at the Redlands Business Expo she spoke about the 5 Steps to High Performing Employees. Following is a summary of Claire's presentation.

Research says that high performing businesses, irrespective of strategic direction, benefited from a focus on employees and organisational values.

    • The right job – what does the business require?
    • The right person – what skills are required?
    • And most importantly, what behaviours are necessary to perform the job and to suit the culture of your organisation?

Another consideration to recruiting the right person is to cast a wide net, and don’t just choose the easy option of someone you already know. It may take longer but the result will be well worth the wait.

  1. GOALS
    • For starters, you must have a business plan with clear goals.
    • Balanced Scorecards is a great approach to ensure all aspects of success are measured:
    • Financial
    • Customer Service
    • Learning and Growth
    • Internal Business Processes.
    • CASCADE business goals to individual goals – set and measure.
    • Set and measure SMART goals.
    • Goals give much needed role clarity and direction.
    • Keep people accountable.
    • Encourage employees to make their own decisions, even if only small ones.
    • Encourage them to think of more effective ways to work, for example solving problems to improve processes.
    • Share your ideas with staff and listen to their ideas.
    • Facilitate variety in the work staff do.
    • Encourage staff to take advantage of opportunities for training and development.
    • Reward based on performance.
    • Do not reward poor performance – address poor performance.
    • Has the person achieved the set goals? If so, reward in a way that is meaningful to the individual.
    • Not just monetary rewards.
    • People are motivated by rewards they value – fit rewards to the needs of individuals.
    • People are motivated by feedback – give your staff regular feedback and suggestions for improvement.
    • Regular, systematic and well-structured performance appraisals.
    • BRAINSTORM REWARD IDEAS to suit your employees.
    • Leadership and culture is key to business success!
    • Use of policies and procedures that limit the scope of employee behaviours in a non-invasive way, such as codes of conduct, and pre-action reviews that subject employee activities to review prior to implementation but provide significant autonomy once approved.
    • Emphasis on human resource procedures and development of shared organisational values, which provide a foundation for decision making.
    • Organisations that emphasise efficiency as a strategic priority used performance measurement systems as a means of accountability and evaluation, and emphasise bonus compensation determined objectively on the basis of short-term targets

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