5 Reasons Induction Programs are Essential

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You have spent time hiring the best candidate, and after a lengthy and rigorous recruitment process, you cannot for your new employee to start work! BUT before your new team member starts there is essential information that needs to be communicated to them about the company and their job to give them the best possible in the business. The best way to address the need of new starters is through a structured induction program. Sadly, many employers overlook this crucial orientation step – often at their peril.  

Many employers take a casual approach to induction, relying on employees to figure things out on the job, or by following the lead of other employees, which may or may not be correct. Most importantly they need to hear from the business leader what the purpose, direction and values are of the organisation.  This allows them to put their job/contribution into perspective and gives them a greater purpose for work.  An ad-hoc approach to induction is fraught with problems, especially since the first few weeks on the job are absolutely critical to the engagement and success of the employee, and a determining factor of whether they stay in the role.

A well thought-out induction program is one of the most effective and efficient ways to bring new team members up to speed on a whole range of company policies and legislation that apply to the role plus a strong understanding of how and what the company delivers its services and/or products. In many industries, if essential compliance training is not completed it could mean costly fines or other legal implications to the business. This is just one of many reasons why induction programs are essential.

5 Reasons Induction Programs are Essential

  1. WORKPLACE CULTURE - New employees need to align and be assimilated into your workplace culture.  They need to understand your values and the behaviours that drive those values.
  2. COMPLIANCE - Educate employees about your company policies on safety, bullying, sexual harassment, and other critical policies. This will help to protect the business by preventing incidents and better defending any claim.
  3. RETENTION - Inductions programs help employees to adjust to their new role, make a smoother transition into the business and assimilate into the company culture. This ultimately helps retention of employees and saves on recruitment costs and helps employees to feel supported.
  4. PRODUCTIVITY - Employees learn the right way of doing things from the beginning, instead of being shown shortcuts or the other
  5. SAVES TIME & MONEY - Saves your business time and money in the long term as a well-developed induction program can be easily replicated for each new employee (great systems available to automate) and added to with new information when necessary.
  6. And bonus number 6 is COMPANY REPUTATION - Inductions help to establish a professional impression of the business, including the way you deliver customer service.

It’s important that when developing an induction program, the objectives and desired outcomes of the program are clearly outlined so the program addresses what has been set out to achieve.

E-Learning Training and Induction Options

Our Brisbane human resource consultants can work alongside your business to create induction and other training programs that address the legal and legislative requirements in your industry, along with the objectives set by your business. We have many options available for employers, including specialised e-learning modules which can provide an interactive, flexible and affordable option for induction and training programs. E-learning modules continue to a very popular option with small businesses where there may be limitations

Call Harrison Human Resources today on 1300 544 803, for assistance developing an induction program specially developed to meet your businesses training objectives.

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